The growing trend for drinks rooms and pantries

Another change in the way we live our lives can be seen in the emergence of rooms to complement the kitchen.  A major recent growth area has been the rise of the pantry or ‘drinks’ rooms.

Appliances and furniture that once housed groceries or numerous bottles of wine and spirits in the kitchen have now got their own home in their own distinct rooms. One of the main reasons for this is the rise and importance of home entertaining.

Simpson’s owner, Steve Simpson, notes, “our customers love entertaining and we’ve had lots of requests for bespoke drinks areas in kitchens and sometimes customers request a separate room dedicated to drinks. They want to make their drinks areas centrepieces that beautifully display their drinks ranges and glassware. We’ve installed numerous drinks areas, rooms and pantries over the last few years and the brief is to make these rooms just as beautiful and bespoke as our kitchens.”

Simpsons have also spent a great deal of time creating the very best pantry cupboards that look beautiful but are also hugely practical, offering enormous amounts of well-designed storage. It enables items to be stored in a really organised way and makes the cupboards almost as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside!

As with all Simpson’s furniture, pantry and drinks rooms and areas are all bespoke and designed around the customer’s needs.

For more information on Simpson’s stunning drinks and pantry areas, visit our large showroom or call the team on 01282 863988


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