Staircases and other bespoke commissions for the home

We try to categorise most of our work in to our obvious cook, sleep, dress and bathe categories but in many cases, our beautiful bespoke furniture doesn’t fit neatly in to one of these.

We hand make many unique pieces for the home like staircases, bars and shelving. Beautiful additions that like all our furniture, is totally bespoke.

We are just as happy to help with individual one off pieces as we are to help with whole house projects where we are required to design and make furniture for most rooms.

Be it a beautiful cabinet, individual chest of drawers or built in furniture, we can enhance your home in addition to creating whole kitchens or bathrooms.

As with all our furniture, individual items are designed and crafted in our very own mill here in Lancashire.

Here are some of our individual pieces and staircases.

Please browse our galleries for more examples of our work.


Beautiful Bespoke Bedrooms