The Rise of The Dressing Room

Simpsons has always been renowned for creating beautiful bedrooms but there has been a real rise in the number of requests for bespoke dressing rooms.

As Steve Simpsons notes, “ we’re inundated at the moment with enquiries for dressing rooms. These were rooms that were once features in houses but are coming back in to fashion in a big way.”

“We used to design bedrooms with wardrobes and storage included but now customers are dedicating other rooms to dressing and want to make a feature of these rooms. It is great for us as we love creating unique, beautiful rooms and it is fantastic to be utilising our amazing craftsmanship on items such as dressing tables and units, glass cabinets and wardrobes with the most intricate detailing.”

Recent installations have seen bespoke shoe cupboards and drawers together with glass cabinets to house designer handbags.

As Steve notes “ handbags are a classic example of beautiful pieces that shouldn’t be hidden away but showed off. Our dressing rooms are not only beautiful but they’re functional. Items can be seen and located quickly and everything has its place and can be located easily.”

The end result is stunning yet practical dressing rooms to enhance the upstairs of homes.